10 People Who Suck

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"Powers and Wissot have masterfully introduced the virtues of 'triangulation' to Corporate America. The practice of combining the strengths of two sides has worked wonders in politics, and similar results can be achieved in business. The 10 People Who Suck exposes the aggravating sources of conflict at work and provides a refreshing way to unite employees throughout an organization."

- Dick Morris, FOX News Analyst, best-selling author, & former senior White House adviser

"Perfection is overrated, but mediocrity sucks! We are all guilty, to varying degrees, of resisting or ignoring what's in the best interest of our organization, our colleagues and even ourselves. Powers and Wissot remind us that the way we manage conflict is far more important than the conflict itself. The 10 People Who Suck provides invaluable tools to help individuals communicate more effectively. Pay close attention to the '11th Person' chapter - it's a brilliant addition to a book that everyone will enjoy."

- Chris Perry, President, Thomson Financial, Americas Sales, Marketing & Services

"The 10 People Who Suck rings true to anyone who has encountered ineffective communicators at work - whether they are your employees, colleagues or supervisors. Most people are quick to avoid confrontation in the workplace. But Powers and Wissot have made a convincing case on why and how to engage these individuals, in order to expand personal and organizational growth. This book is a guaranteed winner."

- Dr. Caren Siehl, Clinical Professor of Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management

"When you put a competitive group together in sports or in business, you look for the combination of talent, work ethic, and individuals who can either lead or be contributing members of the team. These are the necessary ingredients for success. The 10 People Who Suck offers a litmus test to help organizations avoid making mistakes when picking or evaluating team players. Powers and Wissot have hit a home run with this entertaining, yet informative common-sense book."

- Patrick J. Gallagher, President, San Francisco Giants Enterprises