10 People Who Suck

The 10 People Who Suck...
Where are they in your office?

Is there any doubt that you work with many of the 10 People Who Suck? Regardless of your title or industry, you know these individuals all too well. They can turn your office into an excruciating atmosphere.
  • As an employee, you may feel less motivated to come to work
  • As a manager, you may be frustrated by the politics of the office
  • As an executive, you may feel like your organization is not reaching its full potential
The 10 People Who Suck was written for everyone who has been affected by these individuals. It is time to stop worrying about how they ruin your day or hold you back. This book will help you solve the problems created by the 10 People Who Suck, make work more enjoyable and improve effectiveness for you and your organization.

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